The changes will require landlords who let a property to five or more tenants forming two or more households to apply to their local authority for a licence, irrespective of building size. A licence is valid for up to five years, and each HMO property requires a separate licence.

The 3 storey rule that is currently in place, will no longer apply.

The RLA is therefore reminding landlords that if they have a HMO property that will fall into the extended scope of mandatory licensing which does not already have a licence, they MUST apply for one BEFORE the 1st October. There is no grace period, so it is imperative for landlords to apply for a licence, or else they could face a fine or prosecution and a rent repayment order.

What you need to do

If your property requires a mandatory licence, and you have not yet applied, you must get in touch with your local authority about this. Each local authority will have different communication strategies. As there is no grace period for the new law, you need to act now so that you are not in breach and at risk of being fined.

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