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As the term of your tenancies progress, you may encounter certain issues that require assistance on a legal level.

Whether this be arrears, non-accidental damage, tenancy breach or any other amendments to existing tenancies AGENT SMART can help by initially offering advice and a mediation service. However repeated late payments or non-payment of rent, non-accidental damage to the property, or other activities deemed to be in breach of the tenancy agreement, may all require legal action to resolve them satisfactorily. In the first instance if communication has broken down, we can help by offering a mediation service. However, if circumstances persist, AGENT SMART can help you with the serving of the correct legal notices and any follow-up communication necessary with the tenant(s).

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What it invloves

Preparing and serving of Section 21 notice

Pre-legal letters

Post eviction services

Court proceedings and judgement orders

Preparing and Serving of mid tenancy amendment notices

Instructing bailiffs

Preparing and serving of Section 8 notice

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