Rent Chasing & Debt Recovery

Has your tenant fallen into rent arrears? Are they ignoring your attempts to contact them? Why not let AGENT SMART step in as early as 10 days in arrears and assist you in getting your tenant back on track.

Unfortunately there are occasions when all efforts fail and legal proceedings are required. Once vacant possession is obtained, using expert tracing services and debt recovery action we can still peruse your ex-tenant for all outstanding monies due to rent arrears or property damage.

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Rent Chasing & Debt Recovery Services

Rent Chasing Service

Payment Plan Agreement & Mananagement

Tracing Service

Residential Employment

Small Claims Proceedings

Other enfor(CCJ’S)

Bailiff instructions or attachment of earnings

(And other enforcement options)

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What Agent Smart can do for you:

Arrears chasing from as early as day 10

Mediation and written payment plans

Proactively minimise

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